SEGA Genesis, 32X, Master System, Mk III A/V Pinout

As usual, the RGB caveats apply if you're wanting to use the RGB lines, and you don't need to use an LM1881 or similar circuit for the Genesis/MS because they have a dedicated sync line output. For reference, here's the pinout I use to connect all my systems to my monitors. A single common pinout means I don't need a seperate monitor cable for each system.
[Sega MS/Gen1 A/V] [Sega 32X/Gen2 A/V]

Note! The numbering sequence on this diagram is NOT the proper numbering, and won't match the numbers on your connector.

Special thanks to Jerry Lynds for allowing us to use his spiffy diagrams.
You can check out his page at: SegaDome.

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