Jaguar A/V Pinout

The Jaguar has everything you'll ever need for connecting it to the machine of your choice, and then some. As usual, the RGB caveats apply, and you will need to use an LM1881 or similar circuit to strip the sync from the video line. For reference, here's the pinout I use to connect all my systems to my monitors. I single common pinout means I don't need a seperate monitor cable for each system.
[Jaguar A/V Cable]
[Jaguar A/V Console]
Pin Name Description
1A AL Audio Left
2A AGND Audio Ground
3A GND Ground
4A GND Ground
5A B RGB Blue
6A HSYNC Horizontal sync
7A G RGB Green
8A CHROMA Chroma
9A GND ??? Ground ???
10A +5V ??? +5 VDC ???
11A +5V ??? +5 VDC ???
12A ? ?
Pin Name Description
1B AR Right audio
3B GND Ground
4B R RGB Red
5B CSYNC Composite (Vertical) Sync
6B ? ?
7B LGND Luminance Ground
8B LUM Luminance
9B GND Ground
10B CVBSGND Composite Video Ground
11B CVBS Composite Video
12B ? ?

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