Japanese 21-pin RGB Connector

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Well we've just about got it solved. While traipsing about in Japan, we picked up RGB cables for use on our monitors back home. The problem was these cables used an entirely non-standard plug, which had 21 pins on it. There's a European connector, called a SCART or Euro connector which is identical in appearance, but the pinout from the Japanese version is completely different!

Last updated: Jan 12, 2010 (corrected left/right pins).

red shield13
green shield17
blue shield18
Sync shield7
Right Audio5
Right shield3
Left Audio1
Left shield3
[SCART 21-pin connector]
Male SCART connector

[SCART 21-pin connector]
Female SCART connector

We searched everywhere for that, and when we finally did find it, it was WRONG! We've corrected the errors, and to the best of our knowledge, this is the absolutely correct version of the Japanese 21-pin SCART-style connector!

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