Sega Saturn Audio/Video

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I searched high and low for this info, there didn't seem to be anywhere on the net that had it. I finally found it on a site in Japan that had the most extensive Saturn info I have ever seen, but I couldn't understand a word. While scanning for the occasional english bit, I found a handy diagram and pinout labels, which after translation turned out to be somewhat innacurate. Some kind soul whose name I forget emailed me the following diagram soon after. Here then, for your enjoyment, are the Saturn pinouts. Again we caution you to check out the caveats of RGB before hooking anything up to your system.

[Saturn A/V pinout] As this pinout shows, the Saturn A/V outputs damn near every signal you'll ever need to use. Composite sync (Eliminating the need for an LM1881 Sync Seperator) as well as every form of video known to man, at least as far as we're concerned.

Good luck finding a 10-pin mini-DIN plug though. I recommend opening your system and attaching wires to the bottom of the PCB, paying close attention to how the machine goes together, because it's not terribly well designed internally.

Note: I was emailed this pic, I do not know it's source. If you know who deserves credit, please email me.

This pic shows the adaptor I made to convert the Saturn's output to something a little more useful: my custom DB-9 multi-AV adaptor. To make it, I hacked the end off off a Nuby Saturn RF adaptor. Peeling the black plastic stress relief left the silver barrel, which I split open and peeled back, removing the white plastic silicon lump which was attached to the small black disk holding the pins on the Saturn connector. I then attached the wires to the appropriate pins and then to the DB-9.

[Saturn -> DB-9]
Special thanks to Jerry Lynds for allowing us to use his spiffy diagram.
You can check out his page at: SegaDome.

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