TurboVision Turbo Express TV Tuner

I've inquired a few times about this information, and although I'm sure someone out there has it, no one had time to share it so I went in search of it myself. I disassembled a TurboVision unit and lo! Here's what I learned!

The pin NAMES are taken from the PCB inside the tuner itself, which seems to have been manufactured by ALPS, incidently. The only pin I'm unclear about the purpose of is V-30. What's it for? Perhaps to tell the express to ignore the cart slot and display video? Who knows?

[8 pins in a circle!]
Note: Looking at male end (Tuner unit, from outside).

Pin Name Description Wire Colour
1 GND Ground brown
2 tvsnd Sound Output blue
3 V-5 +5v Input yellow
4 G Green Out orange
5 R Red Video black
6 B Blue red
7 csync Composite Sync grey
8 V-30 ??? white

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