Xbox AV pinout

Special thanks to Tim Rettmann, who sent us the SCART pinout data after four hours of painstaking research. Since then we've filled in the blanks As usual, if you smoke your xbox it ain't our fault and it's your tough luck. Please note that there are four variable output pins, and three mode-select pins. There is a chart below that shows what pins are what for each mode. Slick system, not entirely unlike the Dreamcast mode-select function. Special thanks to whoever wrote this page for helping fill in the blanks.
You can discuss this here. There is NO VGA output.

PinDescription PinDescription
1Audio Right13Vcc
2Audio Right GND14Audio Left
3SP-DIF Digital Audio15Audio Left GND
4V-Sync (VGA Mode)16H Sync (VGA Mode)
5Mode GND17Mode Select 1
6Mode GND18Mode Select 2
7Mode GND19Mode Select 3
9Variable21Pin 22 GND
10Pin 9 GND22Variable
11Variable23Pin 24 GND
12Pin 11 GND24Variable

171819 Mode 2422119

PAL/Secam MonoVCY-
VGA (31 kHz RGB)-RGB
PAL StereoVCY-

V = Composite Video
S = Composite Sync
Y = S-video Luma
C = S-video Chroma
Blue = GND

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