Neo Geo sticks on a GameCube

Because I lack any real electronic skill I like to make adaptors by hacking up existing units and making them do new things. This mod was a quick hack to make my neo sticks work on a GameCube so I could play Ikaruga with the same sort of ease I played on the Dreamcast. And by that I mean I wanted to use a stick instead of that shmup-unfriendly GameCube pad. You should read the Advanced page before reading this one, this page continues where that one left off.


The basic theory is very simple, when you remember that every button in a pad is a switch (as we discussed in the Controller Basics and Advanced pages). I'm replacing the switches inside the Hori GameCube pad with the switches inside the Neo Geo joystick, it's that simple. Sure there's a new cable and two connectors, some wire and soldering in the middle, but that's the whole truth of it.

The following image shows the completed hack, with the mangled PCB from the Hori pad shoved into a Dreamcast VMU shell, and a Neo Geo joystick connector wired to it.

What I did

You can see on the following diagram how I made my cuts to the PCB, and what circuit trace does what. Originally I made this for my own benefit, since I cut before soldering to minimize 'accidents', and once it's cut it becomes difficult to see which trace goes where.

Click for larger view

Wiring the PCB
As soon as I find the blasted thing I'll put a picture of the wiring here. =)

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