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PCI=Peripheral Component Interconnect

PCI Universal Card 32/64 bit
|    PCI         Component Side (side B)                         |
|                                                                |
|                                                                |
|                                                optional        |
|    ____     mandatory 32-bit pins            64-bit pins  _____|
|___|    |||||||--|||||||||||||||||--|||||||--||||||||||||||
         ^     ^  ^               ^  ^     ^  ^            ^
       b01   b11  b14           b49  b52 b62  b63          b94
PCI 5V Card 32/64 bit
|                                                optional        |
|    ____     mandatory 32-bit pins            64-bit pins  _____|
|___|    ||||||||||||||||||||||||||--|||||||--||||||||||||||
PCI 3.3V Card 32/64 bit
|                                                optional        |
|    ____     mandatory 32-bit pins            64-bit pins  _____|
|___|    |||||||--||||||||||||||||||||||||||--||||||||||||||

NOT DRAWN YET (At the computer)

98+22 PIN EDGE CONNECTOR at the computer.

Pin +5V +3.3V Universal Description
A1 TRST     Test Logic Reset
A2 +12V     +12 VDC
A3 TMS     Test Mde Select
A4 TDI     Test Data Input
A5 +5V     +5 VDC
A6 INTA     Interrupt A
A7 INTC     Interrupt C
A8 +5V     +5 VDC
A9 RESV01     Reserved VDC
A10 +5V +3.3V Signal Rail +V I/O (+5 V or +3.3 V)
A11 RESV03     Reserved VDC
A12 GND03 (OPEN) (OPEN) Ground or Open (Key)
A13 GND05 (OPEN) (OPEN) Ground or Open (Key)
A14 RESV05     Reserved VDC
A15 RESET     Reset
A16 +5V +3.3V Signal Rail +V I/O (+5 V or +3.3 V)
A17 GNT     Grant PCI use
A18 GND08     Ground
A19 RESV06     Reserved VDC
A20 AD30     Address/Data 30
A21 +3.3V01     +3.3 VDC
A22 AD28     Address/Data 28
A23 AD26     Address/Data 26
A24 GND10     Ground
A25 AD24     Address/Data 24
A26 IDSEL     Initialization Device Select
A27 +3.3V03     +3.3 VDC
A28 AD22     Address/Data 22
A29 AD20     Address/Data 20
A30 GND12     Ground
A31 AD18     Address/Data 18
A32 AD16     Address/Data 16
A33 +3.3V05     +3.3 VDC
A34 FRAME     Address or Data phase
A35 GND14     Ground
A36 TRDY     Target Ready
A37 GND15     Ground
A38 STOP     Stop Transfer Cycle
A39 +3.3V07     +3.3 VDC
A40 SDONE     Snoop Done
A41 SBO     Snoop Backoff
A42 GND17     Ground
A43 PAR     Parity
A44 AD15     Address/Data 15
A45 +3.3V10     +3.3 VDC
A46 AD13     Address/Data 13
A47 AD11     Address/Data 11
A48 GND19     Ground
A49 AD9     Address/Data 9
A52 C/BE0     Command, Byte Enable 0
A53 +3.3V11     +3.3 VDC
A54 AD6     Address/Data 6
A55 AD4     Address/Data 4
A56 GND21     Ground
A57 AD2     Address/Data 2
A58 AD0     Address/Data 0
A59 +5V +3.3V Signal Rail +V I/O (+5 V or +3.3 V)
A60 REQ64     Request 64 bit ???
A61 VCC11     +5 VDC
A62 VCC13     +5 VDC
A63 GND     Ground
A64 C/BE[7]#     Command, Byte Enable 7
A65 C/BE[5]#     Command, Byte Enable 5
A66 +5V +3.3V Signal Rail +V I/O (+5 V or +3.3 V)
A67 PAR64     Parity 64 ???
A68 AD62     Address/Data 62
A69 GND     Ground
A70 AD60     Address/Data 60
A71 AD58     Address/Data 58
A72 GND     Ground
A73 AD56     Address/Data 56
A74 AD54     Address/Data 54
A75 +5V +3.3V Signal Rail +V I/O (+5 V or +3.3 V)
A76 AD52     Address/Data 52
A77 AD50     Address/Data 50
A78 GND     Ground
A79 AD48     Address/Data 48
A80 AD46     Address/Data 46
A81 GND     Ground
A82 AD44     Address/Data 44
A83 AD42     Address/Data 42
A84 +5V +3.3V Signal Rail +V I/O (+5 V or +3.3 V)
A85 AD40     Address/Data 40
A86 AD38     Address/Data 38
A87 GND     Ground
A88 AD36     Address/Data 36
A89 AD34     Address/Data 34
A90 GND     Ground
A91 AD32     Address/Data 32
A92 RES     Reserved
A93 GND     Ground
A94 RES     Reserved
B1 -12V     -12 VDC
B2 TCK     Test Clock
B3 GND     Ground
B4 TDO     Test Data Output
B5 +5V     +5 VDC
B6 +5V     +5 VDC
B7 INTB     Interrupt B
B8 INTD     Interrupt D
B9 PRSNT1     Reserved
B10 RES     +V I/O (+5 V or +3.3 V)
B11 PRSNT2     ??
B12 GND (OPEN) (OPEN) Ground or Open (Key)
B13 GND (OPEN) (OPEN) Ground or Open (Key)
B14 RES     Reserved VDC
B15 GND     Reset
B16 CLK     Clock
B17 GND     Ground
B18 REQ     Request
B19 +5V +3.3V Signal Rail +V I/O (+5 V or +3.3 V)
B20 AD31     Address/Data 31
B21 AD29     Address/Data 29
B22 GND     Ground
B23 AD27     Address/Data 27
B24 AD25     Address/Data 25
B25 +3.3V     +3.3VDC
B26 C/BE3     Command, Byte Enable 3
B27 AD23     Address/Data 23
B28 GND     Ground
B29 AD21     Address/Data 21
B30 AD19     Address/Data 19
B31 +3.3V     +3.3 VDC
B32 AD17     Address/Data 17
B33 C/BE2     Command, Byte Enable 2
B34 GND13     Ground
B35 IRDY     Initiator Ready
B36 +3.3V06     +3.3 VDC
B37 DEVSEL     Device Select
B38 GND16     Ground
B39 LOCK     Lock bus
B40 PERR     Parity Error
B41 +3.3V08     +3.3 VDC
B42 SERR     System Error
B43 +3.3V09     +3.3 VDC
B44 C/BE1     Command, Byte Enable 1
B45 AD14     Address/Data 14
B46 GND18     Ground
B47 AD12     Address/Data 12
B48 AD10     Address/Data 10
B49 GND20     Ground
B50 (OPEN) GND (OPEN) Ground or Open (Key)
B51 (OPEN) GND (OPEN) Ground or Open (Key)
B52 AD8     Address/Data 8
B53 AD7     Address/Data 7
B54 +3.3V12     +3.3 VDC
B55 AD5     Address/Data 5
B56 AD3     Address/Data 3
B57 GND22     Ground
B58 AD1     Address/Data 1
B59 VCC08     +5 VDC
B60 ACK64     Acknowledge 64 bit ???
B61 VCC10     +5 VDC
B62 VCC12     +5 VDC
B63 RES     Reserved
B64 GND     Ground
B65 C/BE[6]#     Command, Byte Enable 6
B66 C/BE[4]#     Command, Byte Enable 4
B67 GND     Ground
B68 AD63     Address/Data 63
B69 AD61     Address/Data 61
B70 +5V +3.3V Signal Rail +V I/O (+5 V or +3.3 V)
B71 AD59     Address/Data 59
B72 AD57     Address/Data 57
B73 GND     Ground
B74 AD55     Address/Data 55
B75 AD53     Address/Data 53
B76 GND     Ground
B77 AD51     Address/Data 51
B78 AD49     Address/Data 49
B79 +5V +3.3V Signal Rail +V I/O (+5 V or +3.3 V)
B80 AD47     Address/Data 47
B81 AD45     Address/Data 45
B82 GND     Ground
B83 AD43     Address/Data 43
B84 AD41     Address/Data 41
B85 GND     Ground
B86 AD39     Address/Data 39
B87 AD37     Address/Data 37
B88 +5V +3.3V Signal Rail +V I/O (+5 V or +3.3 V)
B89 AD35     Address/Data 35
B90 AD33     Address/Data 33
B91 GND     Ground
B92 RES     Reserved
B93 RES     Reserved
B94 GND     Ground

Notes: Pin 63-94 exists only on 64 bit PCI implementations.

+V I/O is 3.3V on 3.3V boards, 5V on 5V boards, and define signal rails on the Universal board.

Contributor: Joakim Ögren, Phil Toms
Source: ?
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