How to modify a Nomad without a Switch

Control your Nomad's country code by holding either A or Start button on bootup! A simple modification using only two wires.


Based on the data from two other pages (Genesis 2 import mods and the Controller Primer) it dawned on me that it would be very easy to make a one-wire mod for the Nomad to switch country codes. To recap: The Genesis controller holds each button at +5v until pressed, at which point it drops to 0v. If you attach a wire from any button's NON-COMMON pin you can control the voltage to the region select pin. Coincidently this pin also operates at 0v or +5v.

The Operation

Open your nomad and locate the country code jumpers JP1, JP2, JP3 + JP4 (see here). Cut the jumpers currently hard-wired, shown below with scissor icons. Next, attach a wire to either of the center two jumper pads.

Now close up this half of the Nomad, and look at the opposite side's PCB, shown below:

Connect the wire from JP3 + JP4 to the Start button (pin 1) and the other to the A button (pin 23). Now your START button controls PAL/NTSC, and the A button is Japan/US mode.

Note! Pressing start to pause a game will cause the nomad screen to shrink as it enters PAL mode (Or vice-versa). This will NOT harm your nomad. You CAN connect the PAL wire to another button, but if you use MODE you will enter PAL mode every time you turn off the six buttons, and having your screen shrink every time you press B really SUCKS. Trust me on this.

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