Nintendo 64 Import Mod

Modifying an N64 is only slightly more difficult than a SNES. First off, you are probably going to need a gamebit screwdriver, which unfortunately you can't just buy at any tool store (At least, not around here). I've included some instructions for doing this without a gamebit, but you'll need a soldering iron.

All you need to do is open the unit, paying careful attention to the RAM cart at the front of the machine. Take the cartridge assembly off by removing the two phillips screws from it. You don't want to just leave it off the machine 'cause it holds the cartridge dust-flaps on. Take a very sharp X-Acto and slice off the tabs which prevent the cartridge from sliding in. I broke mine off with pliers, and it leaves a nasty hole, so I don't recommend it. Replace the cart assembly, and presto! Alternately, if you have a steady hand, prop open the cartridge doors, stick your soldering iron in there, and carefully melt off the little tabs. The thick plastic easly melts away from the iron and you can shrink those little buggers to flush with the wall of the slot, and it looks great! Better than a hole, at least.

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