NEO CD ROM Import modification

Ahhh, ya gotta love SNK. Not only do they not use communications chips in their controllers, but they make it REAL easy to modify their CD system. The system will already play import games no problem, but you may want to convince the machine it's from a different region to fool those games without a 'blood code'.

First, tip your machine upside-down, and remove the four screws underneath the machine. The top of the machine holds the CD drive assembly, which remains attached to the main PCB, so be careful! Lift the back end of the machine and slide it forward a bit to free the joystick ports, then tip it over as shown.

Paying attention to the below diagram, change the jumpers (Or install a switch) to reflect the country you wish your system to think it's in. Re-assemble the machine, and you're done!

NEO CD System overview

NEO jumpers NEO diagram

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