Making a Nomad Play 50 or 60 Hz

This mod is suprisingly easy, and only requires you to cut one trace and add one wire. Throw a small switch in to make it play both ways, and you're laughing. Many thanks to Phil Dubois for coming up with this mod and sending it to us.

Open up your nomad up and look for this area. There are two jumpers here, labelled JP3 and JP4. Cut the trace running between the two pads on JP3, and on the JP4 pad closest to JP3 attach a wire as shown.

[JP3 and JP4 closeup]

Now run this wire to the center wire of the MODE switch connector. This will allow you to use the MODE switch to force the unit into either 50Hz PAL or 60Hz NTSC. This will also mean you won't be able to use the mode switch for placating 6-button intolerant games, but the writer of the mod says he's had no problems with it at all.

[JP3 and JP4 closeup]

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