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Mon, 25-08-2014
Eidis has been working on a FAQ for a very long time, and it's turned out awesome.

Check it out. It just might be the best newb's guide to the best Japanese computer system.

Tue, 10-07-2012
New forum user thorias has made his first post a good one, with a very usefulbit of information for anyone whose RGB output ain't outputtin' no more. Check out his guide in the forum, where he points out the 7405 chip that's a fairly important part of the H/V Sync output circuit.

Thu, 05-07-2012
BlueBMW has started a guide to replacing all those awful, leaky SMD capacitors found in the X68030 towers. have a look at his forum post.

Mon, 30-04-2012
Forum member Lydux, who recently created the X68000 native IDE board, has released his Human68k target toolchain, for X68 development on Windows or Linux machines.

This forum thread includes all the details, or you can go straight to his github page.

Sun, 18-03-2012
Forum member lydux has created a pretty cool little X68000 card that provides native IDE instead of the usual SASI/SCSI.

Have a look and marvel at his creativity.

Of course, the true success depends on the software, which he's still working on...

Sat, 03-03-2012
This is quite possibly the greatest thing: a free massive library of X68000 music.

"After 10 years of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears I proudly present the MXDRV Master Library. Over 31600 songs, folders translated, truncated and put on a scsi disk image by eidis."

You can download the 130MB archive from nfggames.

Thanks to Neko for collecting it, and Eidis for preparing it!

Tue, 07-02-2012
According to this forum thread there are some games that take advantage of the math co-processor option for the X68000. Not many, it seems, so this high-end option is a bit frivolous for most of us...

Mon, 06-02-2012
Eidis has been busy as usual, and has updated the X68000 Hardware wiki page with a bunch of new entries. Here's what he had to say about it.

Mon, 06-02-2012
Forum member BlueBMW has tried and failed to refresh the PSU from his Expert system, but has documented his efforts anyway, and then posted pics of his ITX replacement which actually worked.

Have a look at what he's done if that's your thing (and, I imagine, it is!).

Mon, 30-01-2012
Eidis brought up the possibility of an adaptor to use cheap and plentiful PS/2 keyboards on real X68000 hardware, and some progress was made towards realizing the idea. Read up on the progress and try not to become discouraged by Eidis' recent difficulties. Perhaps someone else will give it a go?

Updated post with schematics and source code for AVR chips, thanks to lydux!

Mon, 30-01-2012
RobIvy64 has found a doujin game called Illumination Laser and, on youtube at least, it looks excellent. The problem is, no one seems to actually have a copy. Was this one lost to history, or can it be found and preserved?

Read on for the progress so far!

Thu, 19-01-2012

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