Convert UK SNES to use US/JAP Controllers
or: why Nintendo Sucks Ass in Europe, Part 1

We thought we had it rough with the pathetic North American cosmetic re-design of Japan's Super Famicom, and subsequent removeal of RGB and S-video on the SNES-2. Europe, however got the shaft worse than we did! They not only got saddled with a slower system (Inherent with the PAL system running at a slower frame rate) and ROM lockouts on the carts, but Nintendo also decided the European systems shouldn't be able to use the North American or Japanese controllers! Thanks to Super Play magazine, we're happy to present a fix for this stupid lockout.

The hardest part of this mod is opening your SNES. Once you've got that done, lift off the top, and disconnect the controller port's ribbon connector from the main board. Take out the controller board, and flip it over so you're looking at the back of it. Follow the pictures below and put jumpers across the following points.
[Left Side Undone] Left side, before jumpers.

[Left Side Done] Left side, after jumpers.
[Right Side Undone] Right side, before jumpers.

[Right Side Done] Right Side, after jumpers.

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