Where to find those &*%^# bits!

First off, there's not much you can accomplish without these bits. Sony and Sega (for the most part) were nice enough to use Phillips screws, but Nintendo and NEC really tried to prevent our poking about internally. They used what's called an external line head screw, which is not only dreadfully non-standard, but is very easy to strip and/or damage if you use the wrong tools! While those needle-nose pliars work moderately well on a PC-Engine, they're not going to be so useful in the deep holes of a SNES or TurboGrafx 16 unit, and besides, remove em twice with a pair of pliars and the third time you're gonna struggle.

Luckily there are several places in the States where you can order these bits, and a couple even have web pages. Keep in mind these are BITS, not complete screwdrivers. You will need to get a long-barreled socketed screwdriver to reach those deep screws.

[Gamebit screwdrivers!]

Please note we make no warranty concerning the trustworthiness of the following companies. We found that they carry the bits you need, and we are listing their addresses here for convenience. We're sure you can trust them, but we've never dealt with them ourselves.

Jensen Tools Inc.
Parts Express
MCM Electronics

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