Adding S-Video to Your LaserActive

This is a stunningly easy mod. Much like SNK, Pioneer has kindly labelled everything inside their player pretty clearly. As part of the process when combining LD and game-pack video, the composite video stream from the disc is seperated into Y/C (S-video) en route to RGB. Luckily enough, the signal levels used are compatible with our television sets, and all we have to do is add some wires and a female S-video jack.

Once caveat, first off. This only allows you to view LD video in S, it does NOT convert the output from the game-pack, nor does it include any titling or display information generated by the unit (Track #, time remaining etc). It wasn't designed for this, so when you pause or stop the video playback, you can sometimes get static, or half a picture... While playing, it's perfect however.

Some of the more anal among us may make a fuss about S-video being useless as the video info on the disc is stored in composite format, but seperating the signal for transmission to the TV does decrease the crossover and artifacting (dot crawl, etc) usually introduced when using regular AV cabling. You will notice a definate improvement in the visual quality!!

First, open your unit. There are five screws on the back, and two on each side that need to be removed. The top cover will then lift off, revealing something that should look remarkably like this:

[LaserActive Internal Overview]

There are two screws holding the protective white sheet in place. Remove both screws and the sheet, and then have a look at the area indicated with the circle.

[LaserActive Internal Closeup]

This part is the trickiest part - and it's easy! Attach four wires to the points labelled here. You might want to just lop the end off an S-video extension cable, and attach the wires here, leaving the female end hanging out the rear of the unit. For details on the S-video plug's pinout, see this page from the Hardware Book

[LaserActive Internal Closeup]

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