Human Visual Accuity

I was just over on Slashdot reading on a new kind of pixel layout for some high-end applications, and it was discussed on the manufacturer's website that the human eye, in a nutshell, sucks at blue. It sees very poorly where the color blue is concerned, which you may have noticed if you've tried to read a blue sign at night. It's very blurry. They showed some examples which I didn't like, so I whipped up some of my own, and here they are. This is proof, and some special kind of stunning proof IMO, that your eyes suck at blue.

This page has been updated with several more example images: Check it out.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Traci. She's a good friend who likes being in front of the camera, and she doesn't know it yet, but she's been dissected for this demonstration. This picture is straight off the camera - no modifications were made except to reduce the size.

This is Traci with her blue elements increased in size NINE TIMES. Each blue pixel is now 3 x 3 pixels in size, a nine-fold increase in the area of each blue pixel. You can't really tell, can you? If you know where to look, you can spot the difference. Check out the black line where the hood of her car meets the fender. Looks a bit yellowish, doesn't it?

This is Traci with the GREEN elements increased in size. It's pretty freaking obvious isn't it? The same thing happens if you do it to the red elements. The difference is striking. Your eyes, my dear friends, suck at blue.

For reference, this is what the pixel size increase looks like. This is the green layer only, increased in size so that each pixel is 3 x 3 pixes. When I do this to green, you notice. When it happens to blue, you don't notice. That's why the ClairVoyante technology isn't as bad as you might think. You're never going to know.

Well, I'm stunned!

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