My PS2 review
The PS2 is the greatest sales tool for the Dreamcast. I'm going to run them side by side with a sign on the PS2 reading "What are you waiting for again?"

Well, here it is. My PS2 review. You may not agree, you may agree, I don't care - this is how I see it and therefore this is how it is. =P

It's very underwhelming. Gorgeous box, amazing looking console, very CRAY-ish IMO. The dual shock controller is getting stale, as far as I'm concerned, and the 8MB memory card is very cool (64 times the size of the original!) but sadly they're all defective and have been recalled... =/

I only got one game - Ridge Racer V. The rest apparently either suck, suffer horrendous slowdown (HUH?) or are "too japanese" to be useful. Ridge Racer is sadly only about as impressive as a dreamcast game - where are the 55million polys I was promised? The control is standard ridge racer fare, and the tracks seem to be a mix of the four RR games for PSX1. Nothing remarkable here.

We put the DC next to the PS2 with crazy taxi vs RRV and crazy taxi won by a landslide. Not an auspicious launch when you consider the DVD playback and overheating problems the units are suffering.

All in all:
  • potential: 9/10
  • launch: 5/10
  • sex appeal: 10/10
  • RRV: 7/10 and there you have it.

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