Adding RGB to an N64

For whatever reason, Nintendo opted to remove the RGB output from their N64.  As near as I can tell it was a matter of a few traces from a chip (U4) to the AV output, but that's their business.  According to 64 DREAM magazine, Nintendo knew RGB was the least popular method of connecting a SNES, so they didn't bother with the N64.  C'est la vie.  These instructions were apparently written by someone named RYU. I have installed this mod and had some luck with it. It doesn't seem to output a very bright picture. This is the same result we got with the TurboGrafx mod. As usual, the caveats apply.

[Pic of chip U4]

Well, this mod certainly works, however the resulting picture is quite dark and lacks contrast. One may question the logic of pursuing this matter, as the N64 fuzzes out all it's images making an RGB mod somewhat useless if you're seeking extra clarity. In any event, in order to make this signal brighter you might want to try the SNES 2 RGB mod which included a rudimentary amp (Which did wonders for the contrast problem). Applying this circuit to the N64 however didn't do what we had expected - it just made for a VERY bright screen.
" Many times, people are complaining about the weak N64 RGB signals. As I have never had this problem, and my N64 RGB mod is different from the 'standard' RGB mod circulating around the net, I decided to make a gif.

What I believe is responsible for the good quality RGB I get is the fact that the RGB signals are tapped directly from the chip itself and not from the (signal-weakening) resistors C124, C125 and C126 on the downside of the board.

I have a Jap N64 by the way, but since all N64 boards are identical apart from the lockout on the PAL version, this method will almost certainly work.

Of course, I take no responsibility for any damage the procedure might cause.


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