Adding A/V to a NES 2

Nintendo keeps cheaping out, and dropping needed outputs from their newer consoles. First the N64 doesn't include RGB, then the SNES 2 doesn't have RGB OR S-video... Now the re-released NES doesn't have audio/video outputs!! Special thanks to Kevin Horton whose technical expertise apparently knows no bounds.

There aren't many things you're gonna need for this mod. Some basic soldering skills, a sharp knife or small screwdriver, four resistors and one transistor - all should be readily available at Radio Shack.
Parts list:
  • 1.3k ohm resistor (x2)
  • 33 ohm resistor
  • 220 ohm resistor
  • NPN transistor (2SC1317 or similar like the 2N4401)
  • This is what I did with mine: I added a stereo headphone plug on the right rear of the unit, in an attempt to keep the mod as unnoticable as possible. Click on this pic to see a few more closeups of how I did it.
    [Completed NES 2 AV mod]
    First, open the unit, removing the four screws holding the top down. Next, remove the metal shield at the front of the unit, and the two screws holding the cartridge port down. Gently remove the board, and then pull out the three screws holding the heat-sink behind the cart port.
    Now comes the fun part. Remove the resistor labelled R3 (Right above the (c) 1993 in front of the cartridge port. After you've removed it, cut the trace running underneath it. [Resistor R3]

    Flip over the board, so that the joystick ports are nearest you. You will need to attach four wires (five including audio out). One for ground, one for video out, one for video into the RF modulator, and the last to the resistor R3 for video in to our little amp.
    The above schematic details an amp needed to boost the level of the video signal. Remember that it now needs to power the video line out AND the RF modulator (If you decide to use it any more). It needs five volts (#2) and ground (#3) to function. Video in to the amp comes from R3 (Which we cut) (#1), and video back to the RF is also shown in green (#2). If you're going to add both Audio and Video output, you can get your audio signal from here (#2).

    [Video in to the Amp]
    Video in to the amp
    (right center, below R3)
    [+5v and Video into RF]
    Red: +5v to amp
    Green: Video into RF modulator
    (center rear)

    [Ground from amp]
    Attach ground wire here
    (right rear)
    [video Amp schem]
    Click for detailed view

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