Adding S-Video output to a newstyle SNES
Special thanks to Kevin Horton, whose support has been absolutely invaluable in numerous tech projects around here. Well, it turns out that the NewStyle SNES does NOT output RGB, and while we were working on that little problem, Raymond Day pointed out that the NewStyle SNES didn't output S-Video either. I had an entertaining conversation with a Nintendo tech about this and after arguing with him for fifteen minutes about the fact that the system did not, in fact, have S-Video capability, he confirmed that Nintendo knew this. His response to the question "Why wasn't this mentioned on the box or the manual?" Maybe they didn't know when they printed the box. Yeah, that's right. Good answer.

This mod is looking to be quite difficult. Not only are there many more components for the SNES' S-Video output, but it uses more pins from the video chip as well. As a side effect of performing this mod, your SNES2 will output composite sync, which had also been removed.

At this point no work has been done to add the removed components to the SNES2. I've gotten as far as tracing the circuits for the S-video, but am hoping to fill in a few blanks for component values before continuing.

[SNES1 S-Video Schematic]

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