Game Station X Stickwerx

Stick Overview

At game station X, we take our controllers pretty seriously. To the point of creating our own joysticks. Note the left/right hand layout. In the old days, we all played with our right hands on the sticks, movement was more important than button mashing. The Japanese shifted the emphasis to the buttons, hence the left-hand on the joystick abominations we are now faced with. For fighting games, I use a right hand on the stick approach, for shooters, I use the more common left hand on the stick mode.
Welded aluminum corner
This particular monster was made from one sheet of folded and welded aluminum, which was then brushed to give it that one-piece look.
Real arcade buttons!
For that true arcade feel, nothing but the real thing: arcade buttons from arcade machines. Microswitches inside mean you'll never miss that critical shot.
Real arcade stick!
Genuine HAPP controlls stick, with short 'bat' style stick, microswitches throughout, and properly bolted down so it'll never shake loose.
The Left girl
Note the fantastic paint job by Binky, whose art decorates the Game Station X Retail Store all over the place. Windows, walls, the fridge... The Right girl
The left face
Even up close, Binky's art is a nice touch to the serious gamer's weapon. The right face