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-===== Genesis 3 Video Chip ===== +===== Genesis 3 Video Encoder ​===== 
-There are at least two versions of Genesis 3, as far as the video encoder is concerned. ​ Some use Sony's venerable but flexible ​CXA1645, others use a KA2195D ​encoder, which seems to be a pin-compatible chip with internal Y/C generation (And no external Y/C,  Here are some useful links: +There are at least two versions of Genesis 3, but all use the Sony CXA1645 ​video encoder ​chip, which was also used in later revisions of the Genesis 2 and the PSX. [[http://www.gamesx.com/rgbadd/cxa1645.pdf|Here is a datasheet for the CXA1645]], which also includes details on how to add S-video output.
- +
-  * [[http://nfggames.com/forum/index.php?​showtopic=2178&​st=0&#​entry14634|Forum thread]] discussing these chips +
-  *  +
- +
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