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 +Console: 24-pin male 0.1"-spaced dual-sided card edge connector.
 +|1A|AL|Audio Left|-|1B|AR|Right audio|
 +|2A|AGND|Audio Ground|-|2B|AGND|Audio GND|
 +|4A|GND|Ground|-|4B|R|RGB Red|
 +|5A|B|RGB Blue|-|5B|CSYNC|Composite Sync|
 +|6A|HSYNC|Horizontal Sync|-|6B|?|?|
 +|7A|G|RGB Green|-|7B|LGND|Luminance Ground|
 +|9A|GND ???|Ground ???|-|9B|GND|Ground|
 +|10A|+5V ???|+5 VDC ???|-|10B|CVBSGND|Composite Video Ground|
 +|11A|+10v|+10 VDC (Power Supply)|-|11B|CVBS|Composite Video|
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