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-===== LM1881 Sync Separator ===== 
-A lot of consoles do not offer composite sync, only composite video. ​ C-video carries the C-sync information,​ along with a lot of extra crap many monitors don't need, and the result is an unstable display or a completely blank display. ​ The LM1881 is a cheap ($3) chip that takes a C-vid signal and strips out the unecessary video data, resulting in a clean composite sync signal suitable for most monitors. 
-==== The Circuit ==== 
-{{ http://​gamesx.com/​grafx/​lm1881.gif }} 
-==== Usage Notes ==== 
-There'​s not much to it.  Simply connect the chip as shown.  ​ 
-  * You can safely ignore pins 3, 5 and 7. 
-  * All the parts are small enough to fit in a DB9 connector. 
-  * The LM1881 circuit is useful to generate a composite sync signal from a composite video signal. Connecting a c-sync signal to the input of an LM1881 may cause problems and should be avoided. 
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