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 ====== Micomsoft XAV-2s - RGBS to S-Video and Composite Video Encoder ====== ====== Micomsoft XAV-2s - RGBS to S-Video and Composite Video Encoder ======
-===== Usage =====+The XAV-2s is another in Micomsoft'​s long line of video modification products. ​ This little box takes [[av:​japanese_rgb-15|RGB15]] and [[av:​japanese_rgb-21|RGB21]] inputs and puts out stereo audio and composite video via RCA jacks, and s-video.  ​
-RGB signals can be connected to the XAV-2s via two different connector typesDB15F and 21 pin connector (Japanese pinout).+It has individual adjustments for RGB brightness, h-sync width, and several DIP switches for clock adjustment'h sync std' ​and FM Towns mode.
-^DB15^ +There are several models, with different [[av:​sony_cxa_series|Sony chroma encoders]]. 
-^Pin^Description^ + 
-|1| R +The power input is 9V, centre positive.
-|2| GND | +
-|3| G | +
-|4| GND | +
-|5| B | +
-|6| GND |+
 ===== Pictures: ===== ===== Pictures: =====
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