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 +===== NEO GEO AV Pinout =====
 +SNK used the same pinout for all their consumer Neo hardware. ​ The Neo, Neo CD (top and front loader) and the CDZ all use the same connector. ​ The CD systems also have AV and S-video outputs that the cartridge system lacks. ​ They are standard connectors and aren't listed here.
 +It should be noted though that the sync output was removed from the last two revisions of the cart system.
 +It should be noted that not all Neo Geo cartridge systems are created equal. ​ Some have better RGB output than others, some have better composite video than others. ​ This is covered in some detail [[http://​nfg.2y.net/​games/​neorgb/​|in this NFG Games article]].
 +There'​s more information about this difference [[http://​nfg.2y.net/​games/​neorgb2/​|in another NFG Games article]], showing more technical details about the changes made between revisions.
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