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-===== Nintendo GameCube Digital Audio Circuit ===== 
-{{skill>​9/​10}}Many thanks to Oscar, who used to frequent the [[http://​atarilabs.com/​cgi-bin/​UltraBoard/​UltraBoard.cgi|Atarilabs Forums]], but who hasn't been seen in years. ​ Also, big thanks to the [[http://​web.archive.org/​|Internet Archive]] for storing the schematic you see below, long after Oscar'​s site went dead. 
-There'​s not much to the digital audio circuit. ​ Two chips, a crystal, a TOSlink connector and a power regulator are all you need.  This could all be shoved inside the GC, and a digital-out jack installed for the ultimate GameCube audio. 
-{{ av:​ngcspdif.gif }} 
-<box warning round |CAUTION>​Update! This mod has been tested by acem77. ​ Give it a go, let us know if it works. ​ Bring pictures, and the drinks are on us.</​box>​ 
-I have completed this mod and it works great! Here are some pictures. Now i am really ready for a good beer:) 
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