Type: Multiscan Color

Screen Size: 14“

Maximum Resolution: 800 x 600 , 720 x 480

Horizontal Frequency (Khz): 15.5-35

Vertical Frequency (Hz): 58/72

Color Range: Unlimited

Dot Pitch: .31mm

Non-Glare Screen: Yes

Band Width (Mhz): 30

Video Cable: 15-Pin/9-Pin

Power: 120 VAC

Display Area (HxV): 10 1/2” x 7 1/2“

Viewing Area (Hxv): 9 7/8” x 7“

From: http://j23456.50megs.com/pb/monitors/8530VMAN.ASP.htm

This monitor appears to be a re-brand of the NEC Multisync II.

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