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Playstation 1 + 2 AV Pinout

The Playstation AV Multi Out connector has everything you'll ever need for connecting it to the machine of your choice, except RF and Component.

The Playstation 2 uses the same connector, except that the RGB lines double as component-video. Switching between the two is handled in the system menu.


1 Ground
2 Left Audio
3 Ground
4 Right Audio
5 S-Video Y
6 Composite Video
7 S-Video C
8 Video Ground
9 Blue
10 +5 Volt
11 Red
12 Green

Note: You must add a 220uf capacitor in each of the RGB lines (+ towards console) to get an acceptable picture. If you don't, the picture will be too dark and you won't like it!!

Note: You will need to use an LM1881 or similar circuit to strip the sync from the video line.

The Playstation 2 can do VGA through this port, however it is software controlled, and since there aren't enough pins for H+V Sync, it uses Sync-On-Green, which not all monitors support.

For reference, here's the pinout I use to connect all my systems to my monitors. A single common pinout means I don't need a seperate monitor cable for each system.

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Cabling configuration of official Sony Playstation RGB cables. The official cables have 6 mini coaxes (R/G/B/Cv/L/R), a single conductor for +5VDC, and a drain wire for the braided shield.

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