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-===== Sega Mark III RGB Amp ===== 
-The Sega Mark III console has RGB output, but it's very weak.  This amplifier will cure the problem.   
-It may also work with later revisions of the SG-1000 II which use an RGB-capable VDP, but this has not been tested. 
-==== The Circuit ==== 
-  * This circuit will need to be repeated for every signal - Red, Green, Blue and Sync. 
-  * The variable resistor at the end is optional. 
-Many thanks to [[nfg:backup_technique_and_game_lab|Backup Technique]] (バックアップ括用テクニック) magazine (Volumes 8 + 9), from whence this diagram came. 
-Thanks also to [[http://tripoint.org/kevtris/|Kevin Horton]], for helping fix the diagram, which was incorrect. 
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