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 Copyright ©2003 Alpha-II Productions Copyright ©2003 Alpha-II Productions
 +==== Using a CS8406 ====
 +As the CS8405 is getting hard to get these days, here's a connection diagram for the CS8406.
 +And I thought a pic of the pins on the DSP might be useful.
 +The clock, data, and reset pins are all in the same place.  just a couple differences in what goes to ground / Vcc. In regards to the AUDIO pin note above, the CS8406 datasheet is corrected with the AUDIO line low for valid audio data.
 +I got so frustrated trying to solder wires to the DSP inside the APU can I ended up giving up on analog audio and lifting the pins. Don't do this! This will result in a nice black screen. It's all better now.
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