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-===== Sony's CXA Chroma Encoders ===== 
-Sony's Chroma Encoders provided the video (and sometimes S-video) output of pretty much every modern game console, from SNK, Sony, Sega and others. ​ There are three chips in this series: 
-  - CXA1145 ([[http://​gamesx.com/​temp/​CXA1145.PDF|PDF]] (Japanese)) 
-    * MB3514 Fujitsu clone [[http://​gamesx.com/​temp/​e428020.pdf|PDF]]) 
-    * ES71145 ITRI clone ([[http://​gamesx.com/​temp/​ES71145.PDF|PDF]]) 
-  - CXA1645 ([[http://​www.gamesx.com/​rgbadd/​cxa1645.pdf|PDF]]) 
-    * MB1645 Fujitsu clone ([[http://​pdf1.alldatasheet.net/​datasheet-pdf/​pdf/​61572/​FUJITSU/​MB3516.html|PDF]]) 
-    * KA2195 Samsung Clone ([[http://​members.optusnet.com.au/​eviltim/​gamescart/​Ka2195d.pdf|PDF]]) 
-  - CXA2075 ([[http://​gamesx.com/​PDFs/​CXA2075M.pdf|PDF]]) 
-The 1145 is the first chip, and it doesn'​t offer full S-video output. ​ However, you can achieve a decent S-video signal from the chip by amping the two Y/C outputs from pins 15 and 16.  See the schematic [[http://​i18.photobucket.com/​albums/​b134/​Segasonicfan/​Schematics/​SVideoIC.png|here]] The 1145 was used in most early consoles, up to and including the Genesis and Neo Geo.  The MB3514 is pin-for-pin the same chip and was used for the Sega CDX and other Genesis models/​variants. The 1645 powered many later consoles, including the Genesis 3, Saturn and NeoGeo CD/CDZ. One noted difference between the Sony chip and Fujitsu versions is that the Fujitsu circuit requires far less external components. ​ The Samsung KA2915 is another clone used in some Genesis model 2 systems and is known for being the worst encoder of the bunch. ​ The 2075 was never used in a console as far as I know, however it was considered for use in Sega's Saturn (it used too much power and had to be dropped). 
-The CXA2075 is the most powerful chip, requiring far fewer external components, and producing better output. ​ Micomsoft used it in later revisions of their X-AV2s encoding product. ​ According to one of [[http://​www.videoi.com/​~pietro/​cxa2075/​|the chip's designers]] it was pretty amazing. ​ It was a drop-in replacement for the 1645, it didn't need an external circuit, and it produced much better output. 
-==== Etc ==== 
-There is some specific application information of the CXA1645 on the [[http://​gamesx.com|GameSX.com]] site.  The [[http://​www.gamesx.com/​rgbadd/​genesis3.htm|Genesis 3]] page shows some very detailed info, including images of the chip itself. ​ There'​s also the [[http://​www.gamesx.com/​rgbadd/​hisaturn.html|HiSaturn Navi RGB]] page. 
-There is no English version of the CXA1145 PDF datasheet, as far as I know.  The two clone chips (listed at the top of this page) do have English datasheets however. 
-The chip's designer has a partial version of the [[http://​www.videoi.com/​~pietro/​cxa2075/​|CXA2075 datasheet]] on his site. 
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