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-====== AV Mods ====== 
-Most pre-NES consoles offered only [[RF]] output, and can be difficult to modify.  Almost every post-NES system had a wealth of video options, most offering at least [[composite video]] output, and many easily hacked to allow [[RGB]] output, and sometimes [[S-video]].  On this page you'll find the GameSX library of video hacks - some useful, some trivial, and some downright evil.  All, however, will grant you better quality images than you're seeing now.   
-When [[http://wiki.dontpressstart.com/index.php?title=Lawrence|Lawrence]] started GameSX.com back in ~1996 there were no sources for this information online.  Gopher was still vying with the infant WWW as the most useful resource, and GameSX.com - originally intended to be a website for Game Station X (Lawrence's store) was instead a repository of knowledge gleaned from obscure sources and trial and error (mostly the latter). 
-====General Information==== 
-  * [[http://nfg.2y.net/games/ntsc/|Video Primer]] (mostly NTSC) 
-  * [[http://atarilabs.com/meat/2000/1201_videoprimer.shtml|Video Primer]] (older version) 
-  * [[http://atarilabs.com/meat/2000/1201_rgbprimer.shtml|RGB Primer]] 
-  * [[howtosolder|How to Solder]] 
-==== Video Adaptors ==== 
-  * [[SCART2RGB|SCART <=> J-RGB-21]] (and vice-versa) 
-====Specific Information==== 
-* NES 
-  * [[AV:Stereo sound for NES]] 
-* SNES 
-  * [[AV:SNES2RGB|SNESjr RGB]] - the newer, smaller Super NES did not include RGB (or S-video).  Here's how to get your RGB back. 
-  * [[AV:SNES sp/dif]] - Add an sp/dif output to your snes. 
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