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 +=====ASCII Stick Pro=====
 +This is a very nice stick, based on the same mold as ASCII'​s series of Dreamcast and PS sticks (Sammy has since bought ASCII'​s controller division and makes similar looking sticks).  ​
 +====What'​s inside?====
 +The guts of this stick are instantly familiar to anyone who's opened most any Japanese stick made in the last decade. ​ A PCB with buttons mounted to it, an arcade stick mechanism and a small PCB with the console-specific controller logic. ​ This stick also features a poorly-connected LCD screen.
 +This is a Playstation stick.
 +The mechanism is a clone of the Sanwa [[http://​www.sanwa-d.co.jp/​p_joy-stick2.htm#​hs8s|JLHs-8Y Flash1]] optical unit
 +====Other Details====
 +There are at least three ASCII Sticks with near identical innards, and some of Sammy'​s sticks (like [[sammysvc|Sammy'​s SNK vs Capcom sticks]]) are identical inside as well.  It would seem that ASCII'​s sticks, and possibly Sammy'​s as well, use the same logic PCB and may have the same features (ie programmability) as the ASCII units. ​ Note that this stick has an optional slot for save-RAM for storing combos and things.  ​
 +The Sammy sticks do not have buttons where the 2 new face buttons (the curved ones closest to the front) are, but the other ASCII units (The Zero 3 and (I forget the name)) have buttons present inside, but no holes in the front plate.
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