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-The stick this page describes was used on both the MSX and the X68000.+===== X68000 & MSX Controller Pinout ===== 
 +This pinout applies to both X68000 ​and MSX computers.
-TODO: insert picture from {{http://​www.gamesx.com/​grafx/​db9.gif}}+{{http://​www.gamesx.com/​grafx/​db9.gif}}
 ^Pin^Function^ ^Pin^Function^
-|1|Up| +  |Up| 
-|2|Down| +  |Down| 
-|3|Left| +  |Left| 
-|4|Right| +  |Right| 
-|5|+5v| +  |+5v| 
-|6|Button I| +  |Button I| 
-|7|Button II| +  |Button II| 
-|8|Out (?)| +  |Out (?)| 
-|9|Ground|+  |Ground| 
 +  * NOTE that GROUND is on pin 9, which is unlike [[controls:​sega_atari_msx_x68000|most other DB9 controllers]]. 
 +  * The function of pin 8 is unknown. 
 +  * The X68000 can also use [[controls:​x686button|6-button controls]]
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