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The Pinout

1+5VDC Source
2/A (stick 1 button 1)
31X (stick 1 horizontal)
61Y (stick 1 vertical)
7/B (stick 1 button 2)
8+5VDC Source
9+5VDC Source
10/D (stick 2 button 2)
112X (stick 2 horizontal)
132Y (stick 2 vertical)
14/C (stick 2 button 1)
15+5VDC Source

Every GND is the same. Every +5V is the same.

Analog Direction Inputs

Potentiometer inputs are 0-100kohm, linear. Directional inputs are read by a RC delay circuit, i.e. the time it takes a capacitor to recharge after being discharged determines the potentiometer positions.

  • North=0 ohm between 5V and pin 6 (or 13)
  • South=500 ohms between 5V and pin 6 (or 13)
  • West=0 ohm between 5V and pin 3 (or 11)
  • East=500 ohms between 5V and pin 6 (or 13)


Button inputs have their pins held high by the computer, and are pulled low by the joystick when activated by the user.

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