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 |  3  |Left| |  3  |Left|
 |  4  |Right| |  4  |Right|
-|  5  |NC|+|  5  |+5v|
 |  6  |Button I| |  6  |Button I|
-|  7  |NC+|  7  |TH
-|  8  |Common|+|  8  |Ground|
 |  9  |Button II| |  9  |Button II|
----- +  * The 'TH' ​line is used as the photo diode input for the Light Phaser. 
-The numbers can be found on any DB9 connector; they're small but they're there.  ​Be careful not to wire things backwards!+  * This pad uses a pinout similar ​to many others. ​ There is a comparison of MSX, Sega, Atari and other connectors [[sega_atari_MSX_x68000|on this page]]. ​
-FIXME is there no +5v?  Someone should check this.+---- 
 +Tiny numbers can be found on most DB9 connectors; they'​re small but they'​re ​there. ​ Be careful not to wire things backwards!
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