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 +=====SNK NeoGeo Joystick=====
 +This stick was bundled as standard equipment for all SNK home cartidge systems. ​ It uses arcade switches for the buttons, but uses custom buttons without the commonly used piston/​sleeve assembly common to arcade buttons.  ​
 +  * [[http://​nfgworld.com/​mb/​thread/​475|NFGcontrols stick review]]
 +  * [[controls:​neo_geo_controller|Pinout]]
 +====What'​s Inside====
 +The buttons are custom, but the stick is (almost) a standard part, nearly identical to those used in sticks from other manufacturers (like Micomsoft, ASCII, Sigma). ​ There'​s [[http://​nfgworld.com/​mb/​post/​1463|More details on the mech]] on [[http://​NFGcontrols.com|NFGcontrols.com]].
 +====Other Details====
 +It has two outputs for the D button, but apparently only one is monitored by the console.
 +{{ http://​nfgcontrols.com/​grafx/​NeoGeo-Stick-2.jpg }} 
 +{{ http://​nfgcontrols.com/​grafx/​NeoGeo-Stick-Inside-1.jpg }}
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