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 +|2|Enable Stick 2|
 +|4|Fire Button|
 +|7|Enable Stick 1|
 +The TI-99/4A read it sticks like so: the 4A would poll one of the two sticks by pulling the voltage down from +5V to -5V (ideally; effectively,​ it went down to around -0.5V), and that joystick would send its position over the four directional lines. ​ The 4A would then do the same for the other stick, etc.  The fire button, however, is never individually polled: both sticks'​ fire buttons were the same, as far as the 4A could see.
 +More info can be found at [[http://​www.stanford.edu/​~thierry1/​ti99/​joystick.htm|Thierry Nouspikel'​s site]], including how to make an adaptor allowing one to hook up a [[pc_game_port|analog PC joystick]] to the 4A.
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