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 +===== Pause Switch for Neo Geo MVS =====
 +Credit for this mod goes to [[http://www.hardmvs.com/html/pause.htm|hardMVS]].
 +I have done this successfully on my MV1F board, the original author does this on a 4-slot board. It does not matter, as I believe this is possible on all MVS systems and maybe an AES even.
 +This involves connecting a SPST switch to the #8 dip switch on the board. You can test this without soldering anything by simply flipping the dipswitch while the game is running. On Metal Slug 2 the background effect of the "wavy hot sand" and the music will continue, but the timer, sprites, and input freeze.
 +If the switch is on when you power up the MVS, the board will not work. Reset the board with the switch off to resume playing.
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