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-===== PC Engine Games + The XE-1AP ===== 
-The Micomsoft XE-1AP was a hand-held controller that had all the functionality of the massive Sharp/​Micomsoft Cyber-Stick,​ released for the X68000, and compatible with the Fujitsu FM-Towns, MSX and Sega MegaDrive. ​ Looking a lot like a cross between a pre-historic Playstation controller and a frisbee, the pad offered one 2-axis analogue control and one single-axis analogue control, in addition to a half a dozen buttons and other features. 
-While normally a 9-pin DSUB connector won't fit in the PC Engine'​s 6-pin mini-DIN, there was an adaptor (The XHE-3) which allowed the use of MSX/Sega pads on the PCE.  When connected, the XE-1AP offered real analogue control to all of four PC Engine games: 
-  * Forgotten Worlds 
-  * Afterburner II 
-  * Outrun 
-  * Operation Wolf 
-All four games are made by NEC Avenue. 
-http://​www6.airnet.ne.jp/​wataru/​pcefaq/​pcefaq.htm (part 16-19) 
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