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 ^pin^Name^Description^-^pin^Name^Description^ ^pin^Name^Description^-^pin^Name^Description^
 |A01|GND|Ground|-|B01|SL1|Sound input left| |A01|GND|Ground|-|B01|SL1|Sound input left|
-|A02|5v|VCC1|-|B02|!HRST|Reset|+|A02|5v|VCC1|-|B02|!HRST|Hard reset|
 |A03|A08|Address 08|-|B03|SR1|Sound input right| |A03|A08|Address 08|-|B03|SR1|Sound input right|
 |A04|A11|Address 11|-|B04|A09|Address 09| |A04|A11|Address 11|-|B04|A09|Address 09|
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 |A28|D04|Data 4|-|B28|!LDS|Lower data strobe| |A28|D04|Data 4|-|B28|!LDS|Lower data strobe|
 |A29|D03|Data 3|-|B29|!UDSW|Upper data strobe| |A29|D03|Data 3|-|B29|!UDSW|Upper data strobe|
-|A30|D11|Data 11|-|B30|!SRST|!M3 - soft reset|+|A30|D11|Data 11|-|B30|!SRST|Soft reset|
 |A31|5v|VCC1|-|B31|!TIME|Unknown| |A31|5v|VCC1|-|B31|!TIME|Unknown|
 |A32|GND|Ground|-|B32|!C_DTCT|Cart detect - disables onboard ROM(s)| |A32|GND|Ground|-|B32|!C_DTCT|Cart detect - disables onboard ROM(s)|
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