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-====== Background ​======+===== Background =====
-The X68000 ​XVI HD and other HD computers ​all suffer from the same 2 main problem:+All X68000 computers suffer from the same 2 main problems:
   * Bad power supply (due to blown capacitors and other failures)   * Bad power supply (due to blown capacitors and other failures)
   * Dead SRAM save battery   * Dead SRAM save battery
-Assuming you did a full capacitor kit on the computer, replaced or fixed the power supply and installed a new save battery to store SRAM settings, ​you might still get black screen on bootup. ​ A good working X68000 will typically show the following screen:+Assuming you did a full capacitor kit on the computer, replaced or fixed the power supply and installed a new save battery to store SRAM settings, a good working X68000 will typically show you the following screen:
 +But on an XVI HD and potentially other HD computers, you might get a black screen. ​ This tutorial will show you how to fix this problem.
 +===== Verify you have a good computer =====
 +Boot up the computer while holding the CLR button. ​ If you get a screen asking you to initialize the SRAM, press Y.  You can also verify you have a good working computer by pressing the INTERRUPT button on the top.  If Japanese text pops up, then the video subsystem and system ROM is working correctly.
 +===== Problem and solution =====
 +It seems the HD version of the X68000 computers requires a hard drive to boot.  The SCSI hard drive chain beings at the bottom I/O board, it connects to the external I/O adapter and lastly ends at the internal drive. The end of a SCSI chain must always have terminating resistors. ​ Internal hard drives, or external hard drives/​CD-ROM drives will have these at the end of the chain.
 +If you don't have any SCSI devices connected, the system ROM hangs waiting for the SCSI device.
 +To solve this problem, simply connect a SCSI device to the external output (like the SCSI2SD solution) or an internal SCSI hard drive with a terminator. Or, you can add an external SCSI terminator to the SCSI port, or add the missing terminator resistors internally (the internal resistors might prevent you from using an external SCSI2SD solution)
 +You can also confirm you have this problem by looking at the external I/O adapter. ​ As you can see in the picture, the terminating resistors are missing (empty black sockets under the ribbon cable)
 +Here's how an externally terminated connector will look like, when it's terminated internal to the X68000.
 +Installing an external terminator on the SCSI-1 connector (Centronics 50 pin male external passive terminator) should also close the SCSI bus and make the floppy drives bootable, preventing the boot ROM from hanging the system. ​
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