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-====== Cyber Stick ====== 
-The Cyber Stick is considered to be the ultimate controller for the X68000 series and was manufactured by SHARP (CZ-8NJ2) and Micomsoft (XE-1AJ). It can be used as digital or analog joystick and you can swap the left and right sticks around as well. 
-It is compatible with the following systems: 
-  *X68000 
-  *PC98 series 
-  *FM Towns 
-  *Sega MegaDrive/​Genesis 
-The following list of games which support analog mode was compiled by **SuperDeadite** and taken from [[http://​www.gamengai.com/​forum/​viewtopic.php?​f=2&​t=3019|Gamengai]] 
-  *Afterburner 
-  *Dash Yarou 
-  *Knight Arms 
-  *Metal Sight 
-  *Neural Gear 
-  *Overtake 
-  *Star Cruiser 
-  *Star Luster 
-  *Super Hangon 
-  *Syvalion 
-  *Thunder Blade 
-Instruction manual was kindly contributed by our forum member **Skpstmgs** 
-  *[[http://​nfggames.com/​x68000/​Documentation/​X68000%20Manuals/​Sharp%20Cyber%20Stick%20CZ-8NJ2%20Manual.pdf|SHARP Cyber Stick CZ-8NJ2 Manual]] 
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