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-===== CZ-6BE1A - Memory expansion board ===== 
-|{{:​x68000:​cz-6be1a_3.jpg?​330|}} ​ |{{:​x68000:​cz-6be1a_1.png?​330|}} ​ |{{:​x68000:​cz-6be1a_2.png?​200|}} ​ | 
-CZ-6BE1A is a genuine SHARP internal 1MB memory expansion board for the X68000 ACE, PRO and PROII. With it the X68000 can be expanded to a total of 2MB and after that it is possible to expand the memory even further with I/O slot memory expansion boards like PIO-6834-2/​4M-1 or SH-6BE-2/​4M-1. 
-Keep the scene alive ! 
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