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Line 15: Line 15:
 |$FF03|[[doscall#​cominp|_COMINP]]|RS-232C 1 byte input| |$FF03|[[doscall#​cominp|_COMINP]]|RS-232C 1 byte input|
 |$FF04|[[doscall#​comout|_COMOUT]]|RS-232C 1 byte output| |$FF04|[[doscall#​comout|_COMOUT]]|RS-232C 1 byte output|
-|$FF05|_PRNOUT|Printer 1 character output|+|$FF05|[[doscall#​prnout|_PRNOUT]]|Printer 1 character output|
 |$FF06|[[doscall#​inpout|_INPOUT]]|Character I/O| |$FF06|[[doscall#​inpout|_INPOUT]]|Character I/O|
 |$FF07|[[doscall#​inkey|_INKEY]]|Get one character from the keyboard (no break check)| |$FF07|[[doscall#​inkey|_INKEY]]|Get one character from the keyboard (no break check)|
Line 28: Line 28:
 ^Code^Name^Description^ ^Code^Name^Description^
-|$FF10|_CONSNS|Screen output check| +|$FF10|[[doscall#​consns|_CONSNS]]|Screen output check| 
-|$FF11|_PRNSNS|Printer output check| +|$FF11|[[doscall#​prnsns|_PRNSNS]]|Printer output check| 
-|$FF12|_CINSNS|RS-232C input check| +|$FF12|[[doscall#​cinsns|_CINSNS]]|RS-232C input check| 
-|$FF13|_COUTSNS|RS-232C output check|+|$FF13|[[doscall#​coutsns|_COUTSNS]]|RS-232C output check|
 |$FF17|_FATCHK|File concatenation state check| |$FF17|_FATCHK|File concatenation state check|
 |$FF18|_HENDSP|Kanji conversion control| |$FF18|_HENDSP|Kanji conversion control|
Line 211: Line 211:
  addq.l #​2,​sp  addq.l #​2,​sp
 +^$FF05^<​BOOKMARK:​prnout>​_PRNOUT^Output 1 character to the printer^
 +|Arg|CODE.w|Single-byte character code|
 +|Output one character specified by CODE to the printer (with break check). Because the high-order byte of CODE must be 0, kanji is output by sending two bytes in a row in the order of high byte first, then low byte.|||
 + move CODE,​-(sp)
 + addq.l #​2,​sp
 --- ---
 ^$FF06^<​BOOKMARK:​INPOUT>​_INPOUT^Key input/​output^ ^$FF06^<​BOOKMARK:​INPOUT>​_INPOUT^Key input/​output^
Line 277: Line 288:
  addq.l #​2,​sp  addq.l #​2,​sp
 +^$FF10^<​BOOKMARK:​consns>​_CONSNS^Check if screen output is possible^
 +|Return|Output status (0: output impossible, nonzero: output possible)||
 +|Check if screen output is possible.|||
 +^$FF11^<​BOOKMARK:​prnsns>​_PRNSNS^Check if printer output is possible^
 +|Return|Output status (0: output impossible, nonzero: output possible)||
 +|Check if printer output is possible.|||
 +^$FF12^<​BOOKMARK:​cinsns>​_CINSNS^Check if RS-232C input is possible^
 +|Return|Output status (0: input impossible, nonzero: input possible)||
 +|Check if RS-232C input is possible.|||
 +^$FF13^<​BOOKMARK:​coutsns>​_COUTSNS^Check if RS-232C output is possible^
 +|Return|Output status (0: output impossible, nonzero: output possible)||
 +|Check if RS-232C output is possible.|||
 --- ---
 ^$FF19^<​BOOKMARK:​curdrv>​_CURDRV^Get the current drive^ ^$FF19^<​BOOKMARK:​curdrv>​_CURDRV^Get the current drive^
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