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Formatting a hard drive can be very confusing if you cannot read kanji. Once you execute FORMAT.X from the command line, you will be presented with a text-based interface. For formatting a SASI hard drive, choose the second option in this first menu. If you have multiple SASI hard drives connected, you will then be presented with a small dialog to choose which hard drive to format. Just choose the appropriate one. Now you'll be dropped into a menu that is completely in kanji. Choose the fourth option, then choose the size of the hard-drive. Wait a little bit while that works its magic, then it'll drop you back into the kanji menu. Now select the first option. In this menu, select the first option, then type the size (in megabytes!) of the hard drive (for example, on a 40MB hard drive, I would type in 40). Select the next option and type in the label that you want. Then select the third option. If you want this hard drive to be bootable, choose the first option. Otherwise, go ahead and choose the second one. Then select the 4th option, and it will start formatting. After this completes, you may then choose the fourth option to exit FORMAT.X and reboot, or hit escape a couple times and format more drives.

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