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This guide is intended for X68000 users who have upgraded their systems with CF reader which features HDD activity led.

For this mod you'll require:

  • CF adapter with activity leds
  • Pin Header
  • Heat Shrink Sleeve
  • A neat Black and Red cable pair (You can salvage them from old PC computer cases)

First of all desolder the HDD activity led and solder a pin header in its place.

If you want to be on the safe side, take a multimeter before soldering and measure the power output from the CF adapters HDD led activity headers. It should not be more than +2V. Then desolder the HD BUSY light diode which is a +2V diode from the led panel and solder the wires to it. If you look carefully inside the light diode, you will see a small triangle which goes to one pin, and a bigger form which goes to the other pin. The bigger form is Ground, the small triangle pin is Positive. Prepare a small piece of heat shrink sleeve for each cable, solder the cable to the light diode and heat the heat shrink sleeve with soldering iron to make it shrink. The result should look similar to this.

When all is finished, reassemble the led board.

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