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How to make the mini DIN 5pin to DIN 5pin convert cable for SYSTEM SACOM Co.Ltd's MIDI board.

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Required Materials (Parts and Tools)

DIN 5 pin socket Qty. 1
Mini DIN 5 pin connector Qty. 1
5 wire cable Qty. Your required length. Mine was about 15cm.

The Sharp boards and the 2nd SACOM board have the same pinout. The image shows solder side of the connectors. Connect points as shown in the diagram (1-1,2-2, …5-5). Test the connections with a multimeter and make sure that they are correct. Connect the cable to MIDI board and MIDI sound module via MIDI Standard cable.


X68k MIDI board's MIDI out port → Created cable → MIDI standard cable → MIDI sound module

Try playing music on X68k with Z-music or other music software. If MIDI sound module is receiving the MIDI message, then your work is done.

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